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Hello & Welcome!

I am grateful that you are here, and I am excited to share my story.  Let’s start with the basics.

My name is Chelsea and I reside in a small contemporary town in southern Wisconsin.  I love being a mom to our combined family of three boys.  My fiancé Nathan and I met three years ago and haven’t looked back.  We also have two Labrador Retrievers, both boys, and a boy cat.  My weeks are filled with basketball, football, lacrosse and dirty boy talk. 

Why did I start the Queen Bee Is Me boutique?

Every one of us has experienced some kind of impact due to this crazy pandemic.  Whether it was with friends and family, physical, mental, or emotional.  The mental and emotional impact was real for me.  Instead of letting the pandemic control me, I took control.  Let me explain.

Before the pandemic my weekdays were pretty routine. Get up early, wake my boys up and help them get ready for school. Once they were out the door, I headed into work.  Work is about a twenty-minute drive which I considered to be my quiet time. I pulled into the underground parking garage (amazing perk during the hard WI winters) of our corporate office. Our campus was large, hosting two to three thousand people daily.  We had a great cafeteria, Starbucks, banking, workout facilities, and most importantly the other people that were there.  Campus was my home away from home. 

Fast forward to 2020.  I don’t need to tell you how everything has changed.  You were there, we all were!

I am now working from home permanently.  My kids are in school, and my fiancé is back to his normal routine of working on the road and in his office.  Life has drastically changed, and I feel that I needed something to fill the void created by the pandemic.  Each of our impacts are unique to our individual personalities, and some of us are still figuring out what those impacts have been or what they will be.  For me, fulfillment comes from three main sources.

  • Helping others see and feel joy or appreciation
  • Being creative 
  • Supporting others like me who are following a passion or a mission to help others and themselves. 

For one reason or another the pandemic has made these above bullets hard for me to do or feel.  That led to moodiness with my family, friends at times, and work.  In October of 2020 I signed up for business planning classes and almost a year later I launched Queen Bee Is Me! A boutique brand where I can use my creativity to curate products, build experiences that help others see and feel joy or appreciation.  This has also allowed me to support all of the small businesses that have struggled through uncertain times.


How did I come up the name Queen Bee Is Me?

If you remember earlier when I was giving you the basics?  I live in a house full of males.  I am the Queen Bee.  Enough said.

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